About Us



Experienced, licensed, and insured professionals with a combined background in business ownership, relocation, logistics, senior service, fitness, wellness coaching and lifestyle management. 



Transport Specialist

Logistics Coordinator

Certified Personal Trainer

Making changes, relocating and needing to move on, are not strangers to me, or my customers. My life, and my work has entailed helping myself, and others, work through life change, and relocation, in the best possible way.

Whether it be motivating others to make beneficial changes with their lifestyle, the start up and management of my own business, relocating my family, assisting others with interstate moves, or the transport of commercial or personal property, helping others move on, move out, and move through life is what I enjoy most.

As co-owner of Here for You Concierge, my desire is to help you navigate through life change, planned and unplanned, in a way that best fits you and your lifestyle.  

Support is available in, around, and beyond your own home, or the home of a friend or family member. 

Local and long distance help is provided with a variety of needs, that I would be happy to discuss with you. 

Please feel free to contact my wife Beth, or me, at info@hereforyouconcierge.com 

or call me at 717-989-3452 to discuss how we can truly be "Here for You".



 Registered Nurse , FL and PA

Certified Aging Services Professional

Certified Wellness Consultant

Helping people has always been part of who I am, and the work I have done. Careers in healthcare, senior services, nursing administration, and managing my own wellness business have afforded the opportunity to not only help others, but see where help is often needed most.

Over the years I have experienced personally, and have seen in others, that no what matter the position, the title, the calling or career, our everyday demands, are demanding more than we have to give!  And the demands within our own circumstances, or those we care about, can be even more overwhelming, when we don't know who, or where to turn to.

Here for You Concierge is where you can turn to, for experienced, reliable help with your day to day "to do list", an upcoming move, seasonal support, or other services designed with you.

Allowing us to help in a small way, may afford a big relief, or the peace of mind you are looking for.

Please feel free to contact my husband Tim,, or me, at info@hereforyouconcierge.com 

or call me at 717-475-1381 to discuss how we can truly be "Here for You".